Boise State and Student Ministry

Boise State was ranked in the top 5 all season until they lost to Nevada by 3 points. They finished the season 11-1 ranked #10 and they will get to go play in LasVegas at the MAACA Bowl on December 22. How sad is this? You loose one game in two years, you are ranked in the top 10, and you get to play in a bowl game on Dec 22. Think about the teams that get to play on New Years Eve or Day – University of South Florida (7-5), Georgia (6-6), Clemson (6-6), Texas Tech (7-5), Northwestern (7-5), and many more teams with worse records. The difference between at Dec 22 bowl and a Dec 31 or Jan 1 bowl is millions of dollars and viewers. I just feel bad for Boise.

I guess they are like the student ministers in most churches. They get over looked, viewed as second class ministers who maybe one day will get a real job (join a real conference), and get paid a fraction of the money. On the plus side that blue carpet covers a multitude of spills.


One response to “Boise State and Student Ministry”

  1. Robbie Mackenzie says :

    Great post Rusty. I am laughing and crying at the same time.

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