Visiting Churches – Part 4

Dana and I are vacationing again and so we got to visit another church. When you visit places you see things that you never notice and can often overlook at home. Today the church we visited was great. The ushers did a wonderful job. We were traveling with family and arrived at separate times. When we walked into the auditorium the usher walked up to me, called me by name, and pointed me to our family. Now that is a great usher!

This church has a slogan, “The Personal Difference”. They talk about the personal difference Jesus makes, the church makes, and how they want to help make a difference in your life. They had a peel and stick rose that was not just a sticker but an embroidered rose. It was nice. This little rose sticker could be worn by visitors  instead of the “Hello my name is” stickers (I never wear these because they are too tacky).  Dana loved the rose and wore it the rest of the day as it went with her outfit.

In the bulletin they had a shut in of the week with their address. The good is that they individually highlight someone who may be forgotten and people can send them a card, pray specifically for them, and visit them. The bad is that anyone who is not so good has the name and address of a venerable person.

The bathrooms were nice. My wife kept talking about them. You may think facilities and decor don’t communicate anything but talk to women and they will tell you it does. All the ladies with us talked about the warm feeling and how nice things were.

The only negative was a member who gave the Lord’s supper devotional. I think he thought about what he wanted to say, wrote down a few notes, but never went over it. It reminded me of when I first began speaking. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to say only to ramble and stumble over myself. He also qualified everything he said. This church bragged that they were a conservative church in their “about us” section on their website. He couldn’t say anything without qualifying his remarks so all knew he was sound (ie. During the Christmas season not that I or anyone here celebrate it or think it is a special day). I can imagine a non-church visitor being confused. He also made some snide comments about those who only come to church during the Christmas season and those churches who only take the Lord’s supper during Christmas and Easter.

I couldn’t help but to think about how we treat our guest back home and help them. What they think when we qualify our words and they have no idea why and then have more questions that don’t have to do about Jesus, and what our facilities communicate to people.


2 responses to “Visiting Churches – Part 4”

  1. Jason says :

    What was the sermon about? Was the gospel preached?

  2. Student Minister says :

    The sermon was about the family and the need for mom’s and dad’s to teach God and his word to their kids.

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