Visiting Churches Part 5

When we travel and look for a place to visit we always go to the web. I think about how times change. Years ago we would look in a book, yellow pages, or newspaper to find a place to worship. Today we just look at websites. The basic things that I look for:

  1. Worship Times – When do you meet and how many clicks do I have to make to find this.
  2. Address – can I find your address on your page easily? Most pages you can’t.
  3. The overall look of the page – does it look old or outdated or current
  4. The about us section – how do you describe yourself. How you describe yourself tells me if I want to visit you.

There is a recent study on what 18-24 year old’s want in a website. Here is what they found:

  1. Students often judge sites on how they look. But they usually prefer sites that look clean and simple rather than flashy and busy. One user said that websites should “stick to simplicity in design, but not be old-fashioned. Clear menus, not too many flashy or moving things because it can be quite confusing.”
  2. College students avoid Web elements that they perceive as “unknown” for fear of wasting time.
  3. When students want to learn about a company, university, government agency, or non-profit organization they turn to search engines to find that organization’s official website not Facebook.
  4. Students prefer websites that are easy to scan and don’t intimidate them with a wall of gray text.

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