Book Review – Unstuff

“Unstuff – Making Room in Your Life for What Really Matters” by Haley and Michael DiMarco

UN Stuff is about getting rid of the clutter in our lives that keep us from focusing on things that are important – faith and family.

The book has an introduction that tells you why we all need to un stuff our lives. This was a powerful section. The summary of this section is on page five:

When we let stuff or the pursuit of stuff to lead us to distraction – when stuff is the source of anything from worry to envy to depression – it has lost its purpose. And when we use stuff to meet any of the needs that God himself has promised to meet, it loses its purpose then, too. … We look to our possessions to supply us with hope, salvation, comfort, and peace. We lean on the stuff itself to meet our needs – needs that should lead us to the hand of the Father instead of to the door of Macy’s or Best Buy.

What do we turn to when we are hurting? God or stuff?

The remaining of the book is broken into six sessions:

  1. Wallet Stuff – Do we rely on money and what it can buy more than God? Many spend more than we have then stuff causes us to have financial worries and anxieties. We get addicted to stuff and rely on it to bring us happiness so we go shopping to satisfy our needs. We try to keep up with people, have brands, etc. Then we owe more, can give less, and have an abundance of stuff that we can’t use.
  2. Mind Stuff – We basically spend our time thinking, worry, and stressing about stuff. The things we have or want begin to occupy our mind instead of God.
  3. Body Stuff – Ouch, this section talks about food becoming our therapy and how stuff can impact our health. I turn to Dove chocolate ice cream for comfort instead of God. It is shameful but true.
  4. Love Stuff – Sometimes we accumulate so much stuff so we don’t need to leave the comfort of our home. This leads to isolation. We can be at home and never talk. We can entertain ourselves and never need people.
  5. Worship Stuff – This section is on how we can let stuff crowd out God. The desire to be comfortable pushes out the need for God. We like being comfortable so we don’t do things that will make us uncomfortable. We don’t tell people about Jesus, we don’t visit, have company, and give sacrificial. We get selfish and we have no time to God because spending time with him disrupts our schedule.
  6. Future Stuff – This section give a few tips on how to un-stuff your life. They stress they are not advocating you give away everything but rather get rid of things that add stress, worry, obsession, isolation, and come between you and God.

This was a great little book. The questions it poses are amazing. Very practical and if you put it into practice it will be life changing. It has really exposed some areas in my life where I have allowed stuff to isolate me and to come between personal relationships and God. I would recommend this book to anyone. This is a great read!

The only thing I didn’t like about this book was the format. It has things scattered with excerpts from their experiment with un-stuffing and other thoughts. They were often in the middle of a thought so you had to finish the thought and then go back and read the excerpt. I hated this and found it annoying. I like linear things.

I received this book free from Tyndale to read and review. The views expressed are my own.


2 responses to “Book Review – Unstuff”

  1. Karen says :

    Thanks for your thoughts on this book – I heard this couple speaking on a radio broadcast the other day and wondered what the book was actually like from a reader’s perspective…and your review has helped me to decide to go out and get this book! Although it may be a bit “jumpy” it sounds like I will still be impacted by the message. Thanks again and may God bless your ministry!!

  2. Anonymous says :

    Hey Do you know where I can find this book.

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