Youth Ministry Internships (Part 1)

I was privileged to be able to speak at Freed Hardeman University lectureship on the subject of interns. Over the last few years internships have become a joy and passion of mine.

The first three years that I had interns we let them come in and work with us and run the program. We were an event and program driven ministry and we let our interns learn while doing. But at the end of the summer our interns were not spiritually stronger. They only read their Bible to get ready for a lesson. Their prayer life was about the same. Basically they learned how to run events and programs.

We began to make a shift at that point and the last 5 years. Today we use the internship as an opportunity to mentor students who desire to work as a minister one day. Mentoring is intentionally spending time teaching, showing, and sharing your experience and strengths with someone. It is taking the focus off of what the intern can do for the church and shifting it to what we can do for the intern.

The next post will be about what mentoring looks like in an internship.


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One response to “Youth Ministry Internships (Part 1)”

  1. benjaminkerns says :

    what a great transition. it is true that internships should teach interns real ministry skills, but the main skill is a vibrant walk with jesus that is full of growth and transformation. i love your focus on mentoring and walking with them through the internship process. it is sad when churches rely on interns to carry the program. interns are the frosting of a program, not the pillars. when they are the frosting, then there is all the space in the world to work on the mentoring. i would love to be your intern 🙂

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