Youth Ministry Internships (Part 2)

My hope is that if you are hosting the internship you will take on the role of a mentor. Tim Elmore does a lot of work in mentoring and developing leaders. While doing some work on mentoring I found this concept credited to him. Tim’s points are in blue and my comments are in italics.

Jesus’ Mentoring Model by Tim Elmore

  1. Initiative (Luke 6:12-13) Jesus recruited the 12. I am a big believer that you need to seek interns and not just let people apply. You will get better interns if you seek them.
  2. Proximity (Mark 3:14, Luke 8:1) To be a great mentor you must spend time with the interns. This is more than just doing the work but opening up and sharing.
  3. Friendship (John 15:15) It is great when you can develop a friendship with the interns and not see them as hired help.
  4. Example (John 13:15) Interns will learn as you do things with them and show them how and why it is done.
  5. Commitment (John 13:1, Matthew 16:24) Both the intern and the mentor will have to commit to the process. It takes planning, commitment, and initiative.
  6. Responsibility (Mark 6:7) As time goes on you need to let the interns take on responsibility. Give them task to be over so they can buy into your ministry and not just doing a job.
  7. Knowledge (Luke 8:9-10) Take time to explain things and help them know why and how you do things. Pass on your knowledge and lessons you have learned over the years.
  8. Trust (Matthew 10:1-8, Luke 10:1-16) Let them know you trust them and try not to micro-manage them.
  9. Evaluation (Luke 10:17-20) We all need to be evaluated. None of us like it. Let them evaluate you, events, and you evaluate them and help them see how they can grow.
  10. Goal (Matthew 4:19, John 4:35) Make sure you help them know your vision for your ministry. We have a hard time not loosing our vision if you don’t keep it in front of them they will drift.
  11. Power (John 20:22, Acts 1:8) Give them real power to make decisions and do things.
  12. Launch (Matthew 28:18-20) The goal of the internship is to help them to be successful in ministry. Look for ways to help them and be there for them when they begin their ministry.

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