Youth Ministry Internships (Part 3)

5 Questions to Help You Determine What to Teach and Share

  1. What are your strengths areas that you can help the intern grow and learn?
  2. What important lessons do I wish someone taught me?
  3. How can I make them spiritually stronger?
  4. What are some disciplines they need and can I help instill these?
  5. How can I pour into their life so they can pour into the lives of others?

After you answer all of these you now have to determine what things you can teach, share, and help them with. You can’t do it all but you can decide what things can I and do I want to make sure we address this summer. You will then need to decide how these principles and lessons can best be taught.

I like to give our interns assignments. Today when you go hang out with John make sure you pray with him. Tomorrow we will talk about how that went. We also start everyday out reading scripture. We read a compilation of the gospels averaging 90 verses a day. They will write in their journal: 1) what they learned from God today 2) lessons that could be taught from the text 3)their prayer based on scripture 4) the student they are praying for today. In all the journal has 4 lines per section. This is to help them think about the text and focus their prayers.

The main thing is you need to be intentional and plan in advance how and when things can be taught. Somethings are one time lessons, some are weekly, others tips as you travel, and a few are everyday disciplines.



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