Youth Ministry Internships (Part 4)

Last year we did something new that deep down I always knew we needed. The last day our interns were here we had them complete an exit interview.

This is hard because they will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly of your program and you as a host. It needed to be done so after looking around I came up with 15 questions for them to answer.

It was a little hard reading their responses. They loved the program, the church, the students, and me but they told the truth in a very loving way. The truth stings and they revealed things I knew and didn’t.

If you host an internship give them and exit interview so you can grow and evaluate yourself.

1. We want to help you feel a part of our family at Graymere. What are some things we did well in helping you feel welcome? What are some things we could do or areas we could consider helping with this process?

2.  How did we do on communicating with you before the summer? Suggestions.

3.  What surprises did you encounter after you came here? Suggestions to help others.

4.  You have fresh eyes. What do you see that you think I might not be seeing?

5.  What was your favorite experience?

6.  What was your least favorite experience?

7.  What expectations were/weren’t met?

8.  If you took over for me tomorrow, what would be the first thing you would change?

9.  What did you learn about ministry this summer?

10.  What did you learn about yourself this summer?

11.  What are some needs you see that we need to focus on to minister to our students?

12.  What experience did you not get to do and you think we should add to the process?

13.  What will be the memory that will mark the summer of 2010 for you?

14.  How do you think this internship will help you in life and ministry?

15.  Tell us anything else you would like to: the good, the bad, random thoughts.


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