Keep Your Greek – Book Review

Keep is Your Greek (Strategies for Busy People) by Constantine Campbell

I had six semesters of Greek in college and over the years my struggle with Greek is very frustrating. You have those times when you rededicate your life to using your Greek and then you don’t look at it for a year.

You feel guilty because you spent all that time and money to learn it but then you just don’t seem to keep it up. This is why Campbell wrote this book.

His tips are easy and make sense.

1. Read Every Day – if you can read 10 minutes or more it will help you keep fresh.

2. Burn Your Interlinear – it can become a crutch to using and working your mind.

3. Use Software Tools Wisely – I have Bible Works and it is awesome. It will parse words, define them, and even diagram a sentence for me. Basically I don’t have to think at all to read Greek. Hence it can help you lose your Greek.

4. Make Vocabulary Your Friend – there is no substitute for learning words. He recommends those that occur 30 times or more.

5. Practice Your Parsing – I almost burned the book when he said this. I hate parsing. It is like running wind sprints after practice. But if you don’t practice then you want to recognize the vocabulary you learned.

6. Read Fast – this will help keep you from being frustrated. It will allow you to relax your mind and let your sub-conscience take over.

7. Read Slow- this will help you focus in on the details and refine your Greek.

8. Use Your Senses – listen to Greek, speak it, sing it, etc. Find ways to use your senses to help make mental connections.

If you do these on a regular basis then our Greek will come back to us and we want lose it.

This is an easy to read book and the principles are as sound. It will require you to do the work but a little work 3-5 days a week will help you keep your Greek.

I received this book at no charge by Zondervan in exchange for an unbiased review. You can see other entries concerning this book during its blog tour March 14th through the 18th at the Koinonia Blog.


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