Lessons on Media

We just finished our series on Media. I used Walt Mueller’s 3D’s – Discover, Discern, and Decide.  I didn’t use anything outside of his 3 main words. I really liked them although none of my students had ever heard of the word discern.

The first lesson I spent the whole time on discovering what was in our media. I used the example of discovering ingredients. I handed out various foods and had our students try to figure out what various things were. I then gave them a 2 minute discussion about diabetes and how they have to watch their sugar levels and they had to look at more than just the word sugar. They had the discover what was really in products and learn all the words for sugar and how breads and pasta even impact their sugar. We had several students who have parents or grand parents with diabetes so most understood this. This lesson was all about the need to discover the true ingredients in our media.

The second lesson we talked about discerning and deciding what we will do with our media. I used Romans 8 and Ephesians 5 to talk about how our mind and thoughts impact our life and that when we became a Christian we choose to live a new life and not make excuses or participate in sin. I went back to the sugar example and talked about how no one could avoid sugar but the goal is to monitor and not take in more than you can handle. The same way we can’t avoid media but we can control how much of various ingredients we can take in before it hurts us spiritually.

The third and fourth lesson was reviewing and taking shows, movies, and artist that they liked and walking through the process of discovering, discerning, and deciding. We didn’t cast judgment on any media but talked about how much of these ingredients can you allow into your life before they are harmful. We also talked about what is your sugar? If you struggle with a desire to drink, curse, sex, etc.. how much of that can you take in? For some listening to a country artist may be nothing but to someone who struggles with desires to drink alcohol then listening to music with tons of drinking songs may not be wise.

Here is my PowerPoint for this series. All the media pictures in the movie reel and magnify glass are things students told me in advance that they like.


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One response to “Lessons on Media”

  1. Robbie Mackenzie says :

    Great stuff as always Rusty. Question: When I grow up can I be just like you?

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