Kobe’s Slur, the NBA, and Church

Kobe was fined $100,000 for a slur he made to a NBA referee. It was a slur that many of us grew up hearing.  I know we live in a politically correct world and there are times that we go over board. But I think the NBA and the rest of the world are getting this one right. There is no place for this type of language. 1 peter 2:1 tells us to get rid of all unkind speech. Colossians 4:6 commands that our speech be gracious and seasoned with salt.

I think that one of the challenges for the church is to catch up to the NBA on this one. Why is it that the world is more concerned with offensive speech than the church?

I cannot imagine Jesus using slurs like Kobe did or any slurs to degrade someone for who they are or for the sin they commit. When I read the gospels I see Jesus treating everyone with grace, respect, and dignity.

As student ministers I think it our job to set a standard that doesn’t allow racial, sexual, or any other slurs. How can we reach out and share Jesus to those whom we insult or degrade?

Lord help us to season our words with grace, love, and truth.


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