Book Review – Max On Life

Max On Life by Max Lucado (Thomas Nelson)

Max Lucado has a gift at being able to weave words and captivate your heart and mind. Max on life is his short answers to 172 questions. He breaks them down into 7 groupings:

  1. Hope – God, grace, and why I am here
  2. Hurt – Conflict, calamities, and why me?
  3. Help – Prayer, scripture, and why church?
  4. Him/Her – Sex, romance, and any chance of a second chance?
  5. Home – Diapers, disagreements, and any hope for prodigals?
  6. Haves / Haves Not – Work, money, and where’s the lifeline?
  7. Hereafter – Cemeteries, heaven, hell, and who goes where?

This is a great devotional book. It could be a great ministers Wednesday night devotional guide. He will give each question 1-3 pages of an answer. About a third of the time he does not quote a Bible passage but gives a principle. What he does best in uses words in a way that paints beautiful pictures and inspires hope. Don’t expect deep answers as that is not the purpose of the book.

I received this book from Thomas Nelson for free in exchange for reviewing it.


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