Youth Ministry Interns Summer Reading

Every summer our interns and me read four books. Many people gasp at that thought but they normally are only 15-25 page chapters and are books that are easy to read. We also read a chronological account of the gospels that combines identical accounts into one reading so we don’t read multiple accounts of the same event. This averages around 60-75 verses a day. Our reading program has always been a highlight of our interns. We will spend about two hours everyday reading our bible and books and discussing them. This requires discipline but is a great way to pour into your intern’s lives before you ask them to go out and pour into your student’s lives.

This years reading:

  1. Almost Christian by Kenda Dean (Research Based Book)
  2. Communicating for Change by Andy Stanley (Speaking Book)
  3. One Life by Scot McKnight (Devotional Book)
  4. Sustainable Youth Ministry by Mark DeVries (Ministry / Leadership Book)
  5. The Gospels by God (The Book)

Tips for Summer Reading Plans

  1. Read the Bible everyday but reduce the amount when out of town on trips (we will read about 30 verses).
  2. Don’t read from a book when out of town on trips.
  3. Make sure the book is good or you could make the process dreadful for all.
  4. Make sure the book is easy to read. For example J.I Packer, N.T. Wright, or Dallas Willard would not qualify.
  5. Be diverse in the books you are reading (ministry, devotional, leadership, doctrine, etc)
  6. Make sure the Bible reading is easy to be discussed. I like any narrative books.
  7. The discussion is the best part of the process so come ready to lead them.

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3 responses to “Youth Ministry Interns Summer Reading”

  1. Ian McCarthy says :

    I would love to see that summer gospels reading plan. Would you be willing to share?

  2. Student Minister says :

    Sending you a copy to your email

  3. Anonymous says :

    Can I get the summer gospels reading plan? Great idea!

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