Super Heroes Church Camp Theme

This year our camp theme is Superheroes. We will be focusing on how we can save the world by the power we have from God. Here is all our lessons.


  1. Night Lesson – What Fuels Your Passion? Every superhero has a back story on why and how they became a hero. Their motivation is what fueled them to never give up.


  1. Chapel Joshua—God  plan doesn’t always make sense
  2. Bible Class What are my powers (Spiritual Gifts) and how do I use them? Spiritual gifts test and talk about how you can use your gifts to do great things. (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12)
  3. Night Lesson Where Do Your Powers Come From? Our powers come from God and the Holy Spirit. He gives us the power to do his will and accomplish his purposes.


  1. Chapel Gideon—Numbers don’t matter
  2. Bible Class Side Kicks (Do I Need Help?) We all need help. Sometimes the hardest thing is asking or allowing someone to help us (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12)
  3. Night Lesson Who Is Your Villain? Satan is our real enemy. We need to know him and how to defeat him. (Ephesians 6)


  1. Chapel David—God can use anything to kill a giant
  2. Bible Class When You Want to Give Up or Give In Every superhero has a point when they wanted to give up their powers and responsibility or give in to the dark side. How do we stay strong? (Esther)
  3. Night Lesson What Is Your Kryptonite? What are your struggles and how do we deal with them? (Samson)


  1. Chapel Esther—Using Your Influence to Change the World
  2. Bible Class Keeping Your Guard Up In every movie the hero lets his down guard and the villain regains momentum. When we leave camp we have to keep our guard up to Satan’s attach (Peter).
  3. Night Lesson Who Needs Saving? A superheroes purpose is to save people.  So who needs saving in our community and how do we do this?

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