Review of Simply Text

I have been skeptical of text messaging programs. I just couldn’t imagine paying a service to allow me to send text messages especially when I could do it from my phone. My Blackberry allowed me to create groups so I could send a text that way or just to individual. But then I got a new phone and couldn’t send group messages. So I looked around and decided to try Simply Text by Simply Youth Ministry. They were as cheap as anyone else and gave a 30 day free trial. It has been 30 days and here is my pro and con list:


  1. I can make various groups and sub-groups (Parent group – Subgroup of Jr. High Parents and Sr. High Parents)
  2. I can also send individuals messages.
  3. People can reply to these messages and I get them on my phone.
  4. I can schedule my text in advance. I schedules text for events, birthdays, ball games, doctor appointments, and more all to be sent out in advance! This is my favorite feature and have used it a lot.
  5. I can send a text straight to twitter. This works good for events.


  1. Price – plans start at $10 a month and go up depending on your group size.
  2. Some people will not sign up or cancel the text at the beginning thinking it is a spam message.
  3. I have to be online to send a text. I wish they had a feature where I could send a group text from my phone.

There are apps for this and I am told that when Call Vine reintroduces their app I need to get it and it will do everything Simply Text does for free. But this has worked great for me so until I find an app I like that does all this I will keep Simply Text even with the cost. It has been a blessing so far.


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