Make War Series

Our current series on Sunday morning is “Make War”. I stole this idea from Perry Noble. Perry has some of the most creative titles. I didn’t use his lessons but his series inspired the one I am doing. There is no telling how many times he has inspired ideas or concepts. I say all that to encourage you to check him out.

Make War is a series we are doing on doing battle against sin. We are looking at various battles in the Old Testament and seeing how their reaction and plan can also give us insight into doing battle against Satan.

The first lesson was on why we don’t make war against sin. We looked at 1 Samuel 17. This is the battle between Israel and Goliath. If you look in verse 11 when Goliath makes his challenge and everyone was deeply terrified and shaken. In verses 23-24 they run away in fright. I think sometimes we are afraid of the sin that looks so big, that has defeated so many, and that may have defeated us in times past. We begin to believe that there is no way we can ever win. As soon as it rears its ugly head we cower to it. I have seen this in my own life. I have decided to simply co-exist with sin. It is 9 feet tall and I am only 6. It is a mighty warrior and I am a lover not a fighter. I have simply convinced myself that there is no way that I could ever win a battle against a sin this big and powerful.

In this lesson we didn’t focus on David’s victory as much as we focused on what scares us about the sin that so easily weighs us down. Do we fear another defeat? What we would lose if we won? Humiliation if we don’t win? Condemnation? Freedom, have we lived with it so long it has become our guilty pleasure?

David believed he could defeat Goliath not because of himself but because of God. This is the truth when it comes to sin. We can’t overcome sin but Jesus can and has.




One response to “Make War Series”

  1. lincolnstudents says :

    This is great. I love the idea. I may have to steal oops I mean borrow this for some sermons.

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