Make War 2

In our second lesson on “Make War” we looked at Exodus 17:9-16. This is when Israel faced off with the Amalekites. In this classic battle the army of Israel was winning when Moses would hold his arms up but when he put them down they began to lose. So to ensure the victory Joshua and Aaron held his arms up.

When we make war against sin we have to realize that we need others to hold our hands to help us defeat sin. James tells us to confess our sins to one another. Confessing our sins help us become accountable and provides us a support group. This is essential to our Christian walk and ability to overcome.

The real question then is not do we need others but these:

1. What would someone helping you need to do specifically?

2. Who do you pick to hold your hands during battle?

3. Where can you find people like this?

4. How do we ask someone to stand with us in battle?

5. Why wouldn’t you get someone to help you when you know you need them?


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