Day 1 – NYWC Atlanta

Our group began our journey from Columbia to meet up with our guys in Chattanooga. It is great being with a group of student ministers who you love and do life with. As we left we were catching up and had no idea that we were going North and not South to Atlanta. So a 40 minute trip later we were on our way.

We went to the Sticky Faith Lab today and it is amazing. Kara Powell is amazing! She is joined with Brad Griffin who did a great job talking about sticky justice. The book is amazing and if you haven’t read it you can go to our podcast and listen to our interview with her in episode 49.

A couple of things that she said today that stuck out in my head:

Tim Clydesdale talks about an identity lockbox. Students place various things in a lock box like a safety deposit box. These items will not be used everyday but they will return to them. Many students will place their faith in their lockbox when they go to college. They will return to pick it up sometime before they are thirty.

Red Bull Faith – They get a high from student ministry and then they have a “caffeine” crash afterwards and don’t know what to do or where to go.

Doubt is not toxic – unexpressed doubt is toxic

Dry Cleaner Parents – they drop their spiritually dirty kids off at church and plan to take clean kids home after 2 hours.

Multigenerational is when diverse age groups are in the same room. Intergenerational is when diverse age groups mix and mingle.


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