National Youth Workers Convention Atlanta

It is Thursday November 17 and that means NYWC is finally here. As I begin my blogging for the event here are a few things that can help you have a great convention.

First, you need to do something you haven’t done before: pastoral counseling, spiritual direction, ask someone in a class to lunch, prayer chapel, go to a class you don’t think you need, walk out of a class you don’t like, go to a fish bowl, etc. The important thing is to just try new things.

Second, you need to try some great food. And the best place to eat is hands down Gladys Knight and Ron Winan’s Chicken and Waffles! It is a mile from the Marriott. You must go here and then you can comment here and tell me thanks for insisting that you go. It will live up to the hype. And the best part – wait for it – they are open till 4:00AM on Friday and Saturday. Another cool place is Sweet Georgia’s Juke Joint.

Third, you should try to connect with some guy you don’t know but are reading his blog and buy him lunch. Your life will be blessed!


One response to “National Youth Workers Convention Atlanta”

  1. Dana Pettus says :

    I wouldn’t mind to take you out to Sweet Georgia’s sometime. lol Consider it a date!

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