Day 2 – NYWC Atlanta

We began our day finishing the Sticky Faith intensive. I have been reminded of things we have done well and things we have not. It is amazing to begin thinking about how I used to do this but not now. The one idea that kept coming back to my mind was getting a picture frame with a center picture and then have 5 pictures that can go on the outside. Give this to every family when their kid joins the youth group to teach and remind them of placing 5 adults in their children’s life.

After our session we were able to meet with Duffy Robbins. Duffy was kind and gracious to share 30 minutes with our team. I am becoming more thoughtful about how to speak well. He uses an inductive method. I had never heard of this but will look more into it. One thing I love about YS is that so many people will share their time with you.

After the big room with Reggie I came and took a nap. My soul needed some rest if it was going to make it the rest of the day. I loved the session with Harvey. I needed the lesson on Lord Open My Eyes. In brief his lesson was on when Elisha wakes up being surrounded by an army and his servant is a little freaked out. Elisha tells him that those on their side out number the army before them. Then he prays for the servants eyes to be open and the servant sees the army of God. God is with me and his army is better, bigger, and more powerful than anything that will oppose him. He challenged me to not say I believe this but to live this.

Barry and I did a quick meet and greet with Marko. Marko is amazing! He has a gift of making you feel special even when you are one of a hundred in a room.

I am a food guy so here is your tip for the day. Go to High Velocity in the Marriot and get the chocolate nachos. We experience the divine last night!

The best part of YS is the conversations. We stayed up till 2:30am talking and sharing. I love my crew of guys!



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