Final Thoughts About #NYWC Atlanta

NYWC 2011 was great! This was one of the best years in the big room. Youth Works has been great to capture the essence of YS. I was moved by the youth ministers from Joplin, MS. I cannot imagine what they and their churches have gone through and will continue to endure as the rebuilding continues. Then there was the 80 plus year old lady who has been working with teens since the 40’s. How could anyone not be blessed by seeing and hearing her. The entire convention was wonderful!

One thing that was new this year was a theological forum. No forum is ever perfect but I enjoyed YS introducing this to the event. I would love to see them add one speaker dealing with a theological topic and maybe key things that we need to teach our students – ie. “Christology for Students”, “Grace and Intentional Sin”.

I was sad however as Tic Long and David Crowder Band will no longer be on stage at YS. I began going to the NYWC in 2002. Mike Yaconelli was there and he had a magical gift of connecting with us. Marko and Tic joined him on stage and Chris Tomlin and David Crowder were the band. I miss those days. In 2012 none of these will be one the main stage and it breaks my heart. I believe YS is in great hands and I am thankful for Youth Works and all they have done to maintain the integrity of YS.


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