Telling Your Friends About Jesus – Part 1

As we enter the holiday season this is the perfect time to tell your friends about Jesus. Everywhere you go you will hear and see something about Jesus so it makes for a natural conversation. Stores have painted their windows with the nativity scene, everyone is playing Christmas music, TV shows are filled with Christmas themes.

So as you talk to your friends about Jesus what do you say? Over the next few weeks we will talk about things you can say. We will use Luke 2:8-14 as our launching pad for each lesson.

This Sunday we talked about the phrase “do not be afraid”. When the angel appeared to the shepherds in the middle of the night they were terrified. Most people in the Bible when they had an encounter with the divine were afraid. There is something about God that scares most people. In class it was unanimous that we are afraid of God because he can send us to hell. But we have great news. The angels begin their proclamation about our Savior by telling them not to be afraid. Why? Because they had good news.

So many times we focus on the concept that God is our judge and that he can sentence us to an eternity to hell. Some people see this and become legalistic trying to dissect all the commands so they are perfect (see the Pharisees and me sometimes). Others simply think they can never do this so they run away from God. Some follow God but live in constant fear of did they do it right and question their salvation. The great news is that we do not have to be afraid of God. The whole purpose of Jesus coming was to save us. God desperately wants a relationship with us. He is not trying to send us to hell but to rescue us.

This week our challenge is to tell our friends that God loves them and there is no need to be afraid of God. He wants to have a relationship with them.


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