Emotional Baggage – Part 1

We take baggage with us on trips. We feel it full of things that we need like our clothes, toiletries, etc. In our life we collect baggage as we experience pain and hurt. We collect baggage after: someone hurts us with words or actions, we have to suffer the consequences of our sins, we are impacted by others bad choices, we are treated unfairly, etc.

Some items are small and others are large depending on the degree of pain it caused us. Just like when we go on a trip we only need our baggage for a temporary time but we if we don’t un-pack it quickly the contents will ruin. If we don’t unpack our emotional baggage quickly it will lodge in our heart and damage it. The longer we carry it around the more damage it will do to us.

In Jesus’ day the religious leaders piled on heavy burdens for the people who were trying to follow God. They made more and more laws for the people to follow. They made 39 prohibitions to explain what working on the Sabbath looked like. Jesus tells the people in Matthew 11 that he has come to lighten their load and not weigh them down with his teachings. His message would lighten their load not weigh them down.

God doesn’t want us to carry around baggage. The great news is that the Bible tells us how to unpack our bags so we are free and our hearts stay pure and healthy. Over the next 4 weeks we will look to discover four ways that we collect baggage and how to unpack our bags.


One response to “Emotional Baggage – Part 1”

  1. Dan Black says :

    Taking care of your “baggage” is so important for every Christian person. It might be hard but it’s worth it. Great reminders.

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