Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt App

I have been looking for a way to do a digital scavenger hunt using your phone. Scavenger Hunt With Friends is a great option. We did our first one at the Nashville Zoo yesterday.

Here are the pros

  1. You can make a scavenger hunt for any event. Could be great for a class to go with a lesson, a special event, at a convention etc.
  2. You get to pick the items and can use some of the ones they suggest
  3. You can control who can participate in the hunt (invite them or add them).
  4. You can set a start and finish time.
  5. You can set the scoring and it keeps up with it.
  6. You can see everyone’s pictures as the post them.
  7. It is free. They have a 99 cent version don’t know the difference between them. I have both but can’t see a difference.

Here are the cons

  1. You have to create the hunt on your phone. I don’t like typing that much on the phone
  2. Make sure after you create your list you tap select (you will see a green check mark) before you start the hunt or they will not appear. The advantage of this is you can create 30 things then only select 25 or you can create 30 then only check 3 start your hunt and not ruin your hunt like it did for me (ha).

One quick tip: write out your list first so you can assign a point value to them before you enter them in the phone. Once you enter it in the phone it cannot be edited.

This was a great app. I plan on using it again when our students go to a conference in April or even a mission trip or long bus trip. It will be a great thing to do when they are killing time.


3 responses to “Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt App”

  1. Jason Brazier says :

    What is an app?

  2. Student Minister says :

    Jason I know your soul is in still in 1970’s but please tell me you know what an app is. If not call Bil Brazier they will help you out (ha)

  3. Trevor says :

    Glad you like our app and we appreciate your review!!

    Just wanted to give you a heads up that an online hunt creation interface has been created and will be implemented in the next week or two so you no longer have to make hunts only on your phone. And the list editing and item selecting has been overhauled too – just takes a bit longer to launch as Apple needs to review every app update but expect that in the coming weeks too.

    Happy Hunting!

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