This week a couple of my guys and me went geocaching. Geocaching is a GPS game of finding things people have hid all over your city. Some of the caches are tiny like a 1 inch by 1/4inch magnetic tube while others may be a Tupperware type bowl.

Here is what I love about this: it is free and can be a great thing to do with kids. You have to look for these things but if you are a member ($20 a year) you can get clues that will help you find the hidden item. I wouldn’t do this as a big group (done that – fail). But three of us went this week and it was great. We found all the caches and the guys had a blast.

If you have never done this or heard of it go to and check it out. Quick tips for you:

  1. Some caches are just finding the location. One time we spent 30 minutes trying to find something when a huge rock was the find. We climb all over the rock, looked in ever crease and hole around it.
  2. You will want the clues or a good handheld GPS. If you don’t have this then you may spend eternity looking.
  3. Print out the places you want to find. You can do it on your phone but it is hard.
  4. Some caches are larger and they have prizes. Take one give one is the policy. These may be simple things like pencils, happy meal toys, etc.   All caches have a place to sign your name.
  5. Micro magnetic finds are cool but you can easily overlook them. Don’t start with these as you may overlook it.

One response to “Geocaching”

  1. mayberryman says :

    I am a student minister that has used geocaching to connect to kids. Check out my youtube channel at

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