Zoo Scavenger Hunt

Over spring break we went to the Nashville Zoo. We figured we would make the trip a little more interesting and have a picture scavenger hunt while there. It turned out great. Here is our list of 25 things:

  1. 3 animals together
  2. Someone with a crying kid
  3. White Bengal tiger
  4. Chicken
  5. Close up of a snake
  6. You in the photo cut out spot
  7. Kid doing something crazy in the jungle gym
  8. Looking like one of the dinosaurs ate one of your body parts
  9. Looking like a dinosaur is chasing you
  10. Teammate imitating a gibbon
  11. Picture with a volunteer
  12. Bird setting on you in lorikeet landing
  13. Picture of teammate trying to like the inside of their nose with a giraffe in the background
  14. Giraffe licking the inside of its nose
  15. Teammate doing something creative by a tooth, bone, or skull
  16. Teammates playing on the jungle gym with little kids staring at you
  17. Teammate running through the sprinklers at the jungle gym
  18. Picture with animal hats or puppets in the gift shop
  19. Teammate on the train
  20. Picture with alligator swimming behind you
  21. Red Panda
  22. Making fishy faces by the fish tank
  23. 2 or more teammates hugging an animal in the petting zoo
  24. Teammate puckering up inches away to kiss a animal in the petting zoo
  25. Teammates in glass tubes at Merkat Manor

We did this using the scavenger hunt with friends app and it was cool seeing all the pictures come in from each team as we walked through the zoo.


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