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Fathers Day Video


Facebook Ads

If you are looking for a way to advertise I would recommend giving Facebook Ad a look. The best part of their ads are that you can target people based on the information they provide. Here are some of the areas you can target:

  1. Their location (city, state, region)
  2. Their age by groups of 10 (18-30, 31-40, etc)
  3. Single, married, children or no children
  4. Based on their likes, interests, etc
  5. High School

What makes this method of advertising better is that you only pay for the people who click on the ad. It may be seen by 100 people but if only 3 click on your ad then that is all you are charged. This makes it a bargain. As a youth minister you can advertise an event and target people 12-18, at a specific high school, and only pay for the clicks people make to see your ad. The best part is that you can set this up in minutes and it is super easy and you can set an amount to spend. No more than $___. You should try it for your next out reach event.

GO Online Conference

Freed Hardeman University is hosting it’s first online conference. It will be on Monday November 15 at 10am. The mastermind of the conference is Brad Montague who is the founder of Love in Stereo and a friend of ours.

Various guys that work with youth will talk for 5 minutes about an issue that they are passionate about and hope to convey to youth leaders. It is free! Make sure that on Monday you log on and GO!


Podcasting has taken off. You can go to iTunes and there are millions it seems. I started listening to podcast of people’s sermons mostly my hero Andy Stanley. But I soon began to broaden my horizons to shows, sermons, history lessons, sports, etc. You can basically find a show about any topic from professionals to a 12 year old in his basement.

A few months ago Barry Throneberry, Craig Evans, and I started a journey down the road of podcasting. It has been an interesting journey so far. We have been working out kinks, getting new equipment, building a sound booth, and working on how to do things. Each podcast is about 40 minutes in length and highlights various areas of student ministry.

We just launched our website. I hope you will go to and check out the show.

Training Volunteers

Volunteers make most youth ministry programs. You need people to help you as you guide and run your ministry. I am blessed to have 18 volunteer youth workers who teach on Wednesday night, go on trips, show up to ball games, and minister to our students. These men and women have great hearts for working with our teens but like all of us could use some training to help them be better. The question has always been how do we do this.

We have decided to start what we are calling “The Volunteer Youth Worker Training Series”. It will be a 30 minute training audio in an interview style format. The goal is to find various people who are experts or just amazing in various areas of ministry and interview them to help give great advice and training to those who are helping with youth ministry. We didn’t want to keep this to ourselves so we are making it available to everyone for free. We will add it to the podcast and you can download it from iTunes or TalkShoe and make copies and give it to your volunteers.

Our first session will be on Counseling Teens with Ben Hayes. Ben is a Associate Licensed Profession Counselor in Florence, AL and is also a full time youth minister at the Highland Park church of Christ in Muscle Shoals, AL. This should be available via the podcast on August 25th.

Review of Grapple Jr. High Material

I bought Group’s junior high small group material called Grapple in February.I am not a fan of prepackaged material because it is either fluffy, hard to follow, made for a 90 session, topics that I would never teach, old and out dated, expensive, etc. I thought I would gamble and spend the $99 to get one quarter of Grapple and see if it was any good and in a worse case situation I could use it as a resource.

As it turns out I love this product. I am shocked as to how good it is. The lessons are for a 90 minute session but the way it is written you can leave out parts and the lesson will still flow easily. It is also very easy to follow. Each lesson has games, an object lesson or activity, a video clip, the main section for teaching, and activities to help reinforce the lesson. The lessons have great content and are things I want to teach our students.

The only hold back is that it cost $99 a quarter but this is nothing compared to the fact I have a lesson I can hand 14 teachers and they all can follow it and enjoy teaching it. This quarter I have had the best feedback from my teachers and students. This is the first major publishing house block curriculum I can endorse.

Praying for Your Church

In November at NYWC Francis Chan spoke and said something that I didn’t like because he said something that highlighted a weakness of mine. He said that he believed that any person who wouldn’t spend an hour in prayer each day for their church needed to quit their ministry job. He told his staff this and challenged us to spend an hour a day in prayer.

So I am doing a lot of thinking about this and feel compelled to do this. Here is the problem I am having. What do you pray for when you pray for your church for an hour? Now I know many who read this blog are like me in that you rarely comment on entries. But I could use your help.

What do pray about when you pray for your church?

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