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Podcast – Study Leadership .com

This week on the podcast we had Dave Frederick from Dave has been in ministry for over 30 years and has a passion for helping leaders grow and develop. A few years back he wanted to share his love of reading leadership books with other ministers and created Study Leadership. He tells us about the site. Plus as a bonus he is offering our listeners a free one month subscription by putting “studentminister” in the coupon code. I am a subscriber and big fan of what Dave is doing.

One thing great about his website is for $300 a year you can subscribe to this site and have the summaries sent to as many leaders in your church. This means all your elders, ministers, deacons, youth leadership team, etc. This is one of the greatest bargain you will find to help your entire staff.


Podcast with Brad McKinnon (Christmas)

Brad McKinnon, the Director of Christian Service at Heritage Christian University, joins us on the podcast today to talk about the history of Christmas. Brad gives us a great overview of how Christmas started and evolved over the centuries.

Podcast with Mark Oestreicher

Today we are blessed to have Mark Oestreicher join us on the podcast to discuss his latest book Understanding Your Young Teen: Practical Wisdom for Parents. Marko is a 30-year youth ministry veteran and the former president of Youth Specialties. Marko has published more than 50 books. In 2010, he launched the Youth Ministry Coaching Program, and The Youth Cartel, a full-service consulting firm specializing in helping churches, businesses and ministries connect with teenagers, young adults, and youth workers.

Podcast with Ed Gallagher (Hanukkah)

Today on the podcast we are joined by our friend Dr. Ed Gallagher. He received his PhD from Hebrew Union and specializes in the intertestamental period. Dr. Gallagher joins us to talk about Hanukkah. Most of us have no idea what it is outside of Adam Sandler’s song. We ask Ed if this is the Jewish Christmas or just a good excuse to exchange presents for 8 days instead of one.

Podcast with Ben Kerns

Today on the podcast Ben Kerns is from San Rafael, CA. He is the youth minister at the Marin Covenant Church. He also has a great blog, Average Youth Ministry. I read his blog weekly and he always had great content. Today he joins us on the show to talk about discovering our personality. Ben does seminars using the enneagram to help people see how we live out how God has uniquely made us and how we tend to live when we are healthy and broken. To take a free enneagram you can go here.

Podcast with Matthew Morrine

Today on the podcast we have our good friend Matthew Morrine join us. Matthew is the minister at the Castle Rock church of Christ outside Denver. Matthew has been working on helping the church have a more missional purpose. Today he shares how they are doing this internally and with outreach.

Podcast with Dan Britton

Dan Britton is the Senior Vice President of Ministries for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) at the World Headquarters in Kansas City. He joins the podcast today to share about his new book The Greatest Leader Ever.

Dan played at the University of Delaware where he captained the Division I lacrosse team as one of the leading scorers.  After being drafted into the Professional Indoor Lacrosse League in the first round, Dan was a four-year starter with the Baltimore Thunder.  There he made the “All-Star Team,” and was nominated by his teammates for the “Service Award” and the “Unsung Hero Award.”

For the past fourteen years, Dan has served on staff with FCA through camps and programs reaching thousands of coaches and athletes throughout the country.  Over one and a half million people are reached each year through FCA’s programs. In the schools, FCA has clubs on 8,000 campuses called “Huddles”, where students-athletes can meet on campus for prayer, fellowship, and Bible study.

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