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Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt App

I have been looking for a way to do a digital scavenger hunt using your phone. Scavenger Hunt With Friends is a great option. We did our first one at the Nashville Zoo yesterday.

Here are the pros

  1. You can make a scavenger hunt for any event. Could be great for a class to go with a lesson, a special event, at a convention etc.
  2. You get to pick the items and can use some of the ones they suggest
  3. You can control who can participate in the hunt (invite them or add them).
  4. You can set a start and finish time.
  5. You can set the scoring and it keeps up with it.
  6. You can see everyone’s pictures as the post them.
  7. It is free. They have a 99 cent version don’t know the difference between them. I have both but can’t see a difference.

Here are the cons

  1. You have to create the hunt on your phone. I don’t like typing that much on the phone
  2. Make sure after you create your list you tap select (you will see a green check mark) before you start the hunt or they will not appear. The advantage of this is you can create 30 things then only select 25 or you can create 30 then only check 3 start your hunt and not ruin your hunt like it did for me (ha).

One quick tip: write out your list first so you can assign a point value to them before you enter them in the phone. Once you enter it in the phone it cannot be edited.

This was a great app. I plan on using it again when our students go to a conference in April or even a mission trip or long bus trip. It will be a great thing to do when they are killing time.


Digital Scavenger Hunt Tips

Every summer we do a digital scavenger hunt. We have done the traditional “take a picture of your team doing ____”. This year I wanted to do somethings different and make where there were clues for teams to have to figure out where to go then when they got there they would find an envelope with a note telling them what to take a picture of and the next clue. This being my first time I found a few things out and thought I would share some lessons I learned.

1. If there are multiple locations of the same place make sure the clue tells them which one. We had a clue to go to the cemetary. There are three in town. Two are in a rough part of town so I thought everyone would know it was the third. No. One team spent 30 minutes in the two cemetaries in the ghetto.

2. Tell one person where the places are to help the team when they get it totally wrong. You don’t want a leader telling the answers but sometimes people will get things totally wrong. One of our clues said go near the square and you would find a red Led Zeplin … One team wanted to go to the guitar store that was about 2 miles away.

3. Help people understand what good pictures look like. So you did your scavenger hunt and began looking at the pictures and realized that all you can see if a group of people doing something but you’re not sure what. Sometimes you may have to have large teams and to get good pictures you need to take pictures in smaller groups.

4. It will always take longer than you thought. You think it will take 1 hour it will take longer.

Video Scavenger Hunt (Christmas Style)

  1. Go caroling at someone’s house and sing 2 songs.
  2. God caroling at someone’s house and sing badly.
  3. Try on Christmas sweaters at a store and ask people how they look.
  4. Do your version of MTV cribs and show off your Christmas decorations.
  5. Someone over 60 sharing their funniest gift they ever got.
  6. Go to a store with Santa and sit on their lap and talk like a 3 year old telling him your list.
  7. Interview people about Christmas (ask crazy questions like – What responsibility does Santa have to help reduce childhood obesity).
  8. Couples kissing under the mistletoe.
  9. Make a nativity scene out of weird items.
  10. Sing your own version of the 12 days of Christmas.

Couple of things we learned.

  1. You need small groups to do this 5 people a group or it gets lost on video.
  2. Santa stations close around 8:30 at most stores and malls.
  3. Junior high kids struggle with interviews they have little quick wit.

Digital Camera Scavenger (Christmas Edition)

This year we went to Greenhills Mall to eat at the Cheesecake Factory for our Christmas Party. We like going there because you never know what celebrity you may run into. Last year we saw Jeff Fisher, Miley Cyrus, and Taylor Swift. This year we saw none.

We did this scavenger hunt to help pass time as we waited on our tables to get ready.

Here is our list

Pictures of People not With Us

Kid pitching a fit

Kid Crying

Unusual Item

People wearing bad Christmas sweaters

Guy in really tight shirt

Someone famous

Someone showing off their tattoo

Crazy nativity sets for sale

Cute Couple

Not so cute couple

Pictures with Your Group in Them

Picture with Santa

Wearing scarves

With someone famous

With a good looking person

Reading a Christmas book to group

Goofy faces

Player shot

Food on face

Feeding another person in a weird way

Group with waiter or waitress

Group with big sunglasses


On escalators

In a massage chair

With a mannequin

Playing with toys

Trying on something weird

Digital Camera Scavenger Hunt

Every year we do a digital camera scavenger hunt with our youth. I am always trying to find new ideas but often have a hard time finding a good list. So I thought I would post some of our list over the years and tell you some twist we insert to make it more challenging. Any of your ideas would be appreciated.

The List

Take flowers to one of our senior members. (Daylight hours please)

Two of your team members in the back of a police car

Find a male with a mullet and have your picture taken with them

Milk a cow.

Eating a doughnut with a police officer in uniform.

Your entire team inside the red phone booth in downtown Columbia

Picture of a dad in green facial cream sipping with a small coffee cup with his pinkie extended

Your entire team on a firetruck (bonus points for holding or wearing props from the department)

Have a memorial service for roadkill

At least one team member throwing a (raw) pizza dough in the air at a pizza place

Get a guy member of your team to get a makeover by a department store makeup person.

Two group member dancing with a stranger over 30

A group member posing with a stranger who you’ve convinced to try on and model an outfit, several sizes too big or too small

Find a tombstone with a deceased date in the 1800’s

The whole team in a hammock

Have milk coming out of your nose.

A group member carrying a stranger’s packages/bags to their car

Get a team member to wear skis and ski clothing outside in the yard.

Team doing something creative at kids kingdom playground

Get your foot autographed by (an elder)

Sit in between two strangers on a park bench and get them to pose with you like your best friends.

Your group buying 10 cents worth of gas, receipt and pump must show correct amount

Team member on an exercise machine eating lots of junk food

Find a sign or billboard that has your name in it and stand next to it

Entire team making goofy faces

Help a stranger fold their laundry at a Laundromat

Entire team doing the chicken dance in front of KFC sign (sign must be seen)

All team members in a tree

Team members being pushed in a shopping cart

Make a human pyramid

A member leading another member on a leash through a store

Entire team sharing one soda (everyone needs their own straw)

Ride the pony in front of Big Lots

Get goofy pictures made with members of our youth group not attending (bonus points if you get them to join you for the remainder of the night)

Find an interesting sign

Make a Christian symbol in the grass using your bodies

A group member kissing a fish

Hug a mannequin

A cop with his billy club/night stick and one of your teammates.

Picture with the principle rolling his own yard.

Entire Team wearing masks.

Entire team inside an ambulance- bonus points if on the gurney (bed).

Picture with an animal (the more unusual the better).

Baptize someone or something. Most unique / cool one wins.

Entire Team jumping (Everyone must be in midair for picture to count).

Create a work of art with sidewalk chalk in a public parking lot.

“I can’t believe we all fit in here!”

Make yourselves appear really large.

Can you find us? Your own find Waldo like picture.

Best photo shoot shot, most professional looking wins- include two members.

Capture your reflection in an unexpected place.

An unusual perspective — could be everyone’s shoes, or the just top of their heads.

Picture on a train.

Entire team in a high heel foot race- best picture wins.

Best sunset.

Your group posing a scene from a Disney movie in the middle of the mall.

Your entire team in the dark with each person shining a flashlight on their face.

Mimic a statue — fountains also work well.

Ambush a stranger without them knowing you are about to take a picture, and then run.

Ride something. The larger the better.

Entire team playing air guitar.

Twist (Location)

Give them a list of locations they have to go to and do one of the things on the list. Make sure they can do one of the things at the locations you pick.

Vehicle Lot (Car, Motorcycle, Tractor)




Non church of Christ church building

Maury County Park

Downtown Square

Train Depot in Columbia

People’s House

Twist (People)

Give them a list of people who will not be at the event they need to get pictures with doing one of the item on the list. We like to include our volunteer youth leaders, elders, teachers, a few senior members, etc.

Twist (Props)

Give them a list of props they have to get and include in a picture of them doing one of the items on the list.

Disposable Toilet Seat Cover

Hair Net

Pink Flamingo

Trash Can


Gallon of milk

Beach Ball

Tiki Torch


You have to have a way to determine a winner. We give a free ice cream at Baskin Robbins as a prize. The way we determine point values is (1) what would be a hard picture to get, (2) what would be a great picture. The harder and the better the more points. The easier and the less spectacular the picture the less points. Don’t be stingy with points. Don’t do 10 points as a high go crazy and make it 5,000 points. They don’t cost anything so give freely. Add bonus points for the twist.

Add a comment to tell us what you have done or think would be cool.

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